Sunday, 2 June 2013

Book Haul #6

I actually haven’t got that many books this week. It’s the half-term holidays here in the UK (Yay!) and so now we all have to go back to school on Monday. I just basically spent the whole week revising and reading. I have so many exams coming up. Wish me luck – I need it.

  • Goddess (Starcrossed #3) by Josephine Angelini – Bought:

This is the last one in the Starcrossed trilogy. Sigh. I’m reading it right now and it’s living up to my (high) expectation.









  • The Selection by Kiera Cass (eBook):

I’ve heard so much about this one – mostly about its cover. I heard that it was going to be a TV show on the CW but it didn’t get picked up. Sad face. I would’ve loved to seen it.








  • Storm by Brigid Kemmerer (eBook):

Can’t wait to start this! It seems like a book I’d love and quite a lot of people have recommended it to me.








That’s it. Those are all the books I got this week. Sigh.

After I finished Sweet Peril I really didn’t know which book to start next – they all seemed so good! I decided to start The Selection, but then when I was like a few pages in I decided to start Storm. Then when I had read a few pages of that I was like: “Maybe I should read Goddess.” So then I started that. Then went back to The Selection. In the end I decided to just read Goddess because it’s a conclusion to a series whereas the others are beginnings.

See, its times like these that I wish my older sister or any of my friends would read. That way I could’ve just asked one of them.

So how was your week? What books did you get?


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